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Helping Those Who Help Us

Fighting fires is a harrowing experience. People do not go into that work expecting to get disabled or need assistance; they do it to save lives and provide for the community. However, when the worst happens, we at Cornfield and Feldman LLP are there to help.

Firefighters in Illinois have been saving lives and providing needed public services for a long time. Emergency personnel are heroic men and women who serve us. Attorney Jim M. Vainikos takes the lead in serving them when they need it most.

Heroes Who Need Help

Emergency workers risk their lives to save people in need. What happens when they are the ones that need help? Firefighters and other emergency personnel receive injuries just like anyone else. Common injuries include:

  • Back injuries from moving patients on backboards
  • Burns from open fires
  • Broken bones from falls or trips in high-stress situations

Working as a firefighter is a calling, and we have a duty to ensure that our firefighters receive all entitled benefits. Our office makes getting them the help they need a top priority.

At Cornfield and Feldman LLP, our lawyers’ primary focus is protecting the livelihoods of those that protect us. We provide strong, honest advice to our clients. You can schedule a free consultation with us by calling 312-767-4989 or using our convenient electronic form.